Business Growth in Langley BC and B2B Collaboration

Enjoying close proximity to Vancouver and a rich history, the City of Langley is one of Metro Vancouver’s best kept secrets. It enjoys a strong sense of community, all the amenities of a major urban center, as well as having roots as a major hub of transport, trade and commerce.

All this is reflected in the city’s thriving economy. Its central location, population density, skilled workforce, low business and living costs have made it a hub of ‘earning’ activity. There has been a lot of emphasis on helping existing businesses flourish and inviting new businesses to join the thriving community.

The city’s business-friendly environment has been so impressive that the City of Langley won the B.C Small Business Roundtable’s Open for Business Award for being one of the most business friendly communities in the Province of British Columbia.

Often confused for the City of Langley is the Township/District of Langley, which surrounds the City of Langley on the north, east and south. The township is the sixth-largest municipality in Metro Vancouver after Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond and Coquitlam. Also a destination for businesses and residents, the township enjoys robust growth while balancing between urban and rural sensibilities.

The last 10 years have seen the township become a bona fide business destination, evolving dramatically over a relatively short period. Businesses that opened in the area experienced a lot of success, spurring residential development that helped the community grow from a sleepy Vancouver satellite. Today, the township boasts a number of exciting urban centres offering many conveniences and amenities. It also prides itself on developing vibrant neighbourhoods offering the opportunity to live, work, shop and play in a safe community.

One of the pillars of a strong business environment is favourable relationships between the business themselves (B2B). Providing high quality services that businesses require at the commercial level allow them to focus on what’s important to them and their end-user clients.

Olympic Building Services understands this all too well, which is why we are fully committed to providing the very best in the industry. As a commercial cleaning company, we want our clients to conduct their business in a clean and healthy environment.

Olympic Building Service provides janitorial services to businesses in the city of Langley and the neighbouring areas. Our services include a wide range of general, material-specific and office cleaning services.

We have highly trained and qualified cleaners that will ensure the job is done to your satisfaction. All the cleaning is done by our staff – we do not sell contracts or hire contractual cleaners.
Here’s why you should work with us:

1. We’re committed to professional service delivery

We’re Vancouver’s leading cleaning company, so we have a reputation to protect. We value high quality services that go beyond what our competitors offer.

2. We understand our role in enhancing your business

We know that a clean office environment will not offer a healthy work space for you and your staff, but will also serve as a great first-impression to your clients and prospects.

3. Our offer detailed service

We’re not the kind of service provider that wants to get the work done fast, get the money and get gone. We believe that every office or commercial space is different and deserves all-inclusive customized cleaning.

4. We value your business

We’re interested in building long-term relationships with our customers. It’s our goal to build our business through positive word of mouth – that way we’re sure our existing clients are happy as we seek new ones.

5. We’re flexible

We can handle all types of customer schedules, so you don’t have to worry about our availability. Whatever schedule works for you will work for us.

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