Carpet Cleaning Services

We make your carpet(s) look & feel brand new!

At Olympic Building Services, we provide pristine carpet care services that will make your carpets look and feel brand new. Although regular vacuuming helps to keep your carpets free of dust-mites, dander, mold, mildew and bacteria, each carpet must be washed and deep conditioned regularly in order to prevent the start or worsening of potentially harmful health conditions, such as illnesses, allergies, and asthma.

We understand that every carpet is unique, so each time we clean a carpet we only do it with compatible machines and cleaning substances. We revitalize your carpets by removing stains, as well as sanitizing and deodorizing your carpets in order to limit and remove potential contaminants. So no matter how big or small your commercial space is, if any portion of the space is covered by carpet, you will definitely benefit from hiring Olympic Building Services as your carpet cleaning team.

We always have you in mind! Together, we will customize the right carpet cleaning service package that will meet the demands of your time, budget and preferences, and our team will deliver a service that will exceed all of your expectations. If you have special requests, it’s not a problem! From trouble spots to off-limit zones, our cleaning personnel has your every carpet cleaning need covered.

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